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Time:07:58:16 PM
Requester:An anonymous requester
visa help
Dear Church I am 21 years old and I have a prayer request to make for my mum & papa Anuj. My mum had a horrible life of abuse & just a few years ago finally met her true soulmate, my now papa. we are such a happy small family! But the British High Commission officer is stopping my papa from coming to live with us in London because he didn\'t add a document to the checklist, even though he submitted the document with the whole file! He\'s in India right now & the money we all saved for our 1st house is slowly going because of legal fees & rent in India. I know that Jesus wants us to be happy and I need your support to make it happen.It\'s tearing us all apart. If a miracle doesn\'t happen in 10days we\'ll have to leave India without him & we know Jesus can make miracles happen because he did it before. I don\'t know what to do anymore & I don\'t know why this happening to us. Please, please pray that my papa can come to live with us in London? Lots of love, Sami